Our Mission & Vision



Our Mission: 

To provide the most convenient, cost-effective store for all dog parents with love and integrity. 


Our Vision:  

To watch all the animals live a happy and healthy life; free from cruelty and suffering.


What we do:

  1. Research the most popular and in demand supplies for your dogs.
  2. Buy these products from the manufacturers or from the local supermarkets
  3. Bundle everything lovingly together for your convenience
  4. We save you time, money and hassle
  5. Donate a percentage of our profits to the RSPCA. and Dogstrust


Our Promise:

  1. All products are expertly chosen and delivered on time
  2. All products are new and unused
  3. Our workspace is a sanitary and clean environment
  4. We only buy and sell the best of the best!
  5. We promise to put our customers first in all our endeavours, keep every shopping experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.