My dog is my.....

My Dog is my forever friend

Your trusted companion will always be by your side. A faithful friend that is with you through life, a dog will be there for you every day across a lifetime of memories, fun and experiences. Treat your four-legged friend to a deserved gift with a Togo subscription, our unique subscription services can be tailored specifically to your dogs needs. 

My dog is my cuddly companion

Coming home after a hard day is much easier with a trusted pal by your side. No matter the breed, these furry friends offer cuddles better than anyone else. With cuddling reducing your stress levels, blood pressure and anxiety, your four-legged friend is surely due a treat for their offerings! This Togo treat box is full of gorgeous surprises for your dog, an ideal present for your cuddle buddy.

My dog is my terrific therapist

Canine therapy has been proven to lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, increase production of serotonin and dopamine as well as put a serious smile on your face!

A selfless friend, your dog is always there to offer love and affection no matter the time of day. Your own therapist and pal. Show them you care with a custom created Togo care package.

My dog is my wonderful world

Dogs will fill your world with happiness, love and companionship. Your dog admires you like the world revolves around you, to them it truly does. The relationship between man and dog is a force to me reckoned with and one full of love.

Your adorable friend will relish in delighted with this exclusive Togo service!

My dog is my sweet soulmate

Dogs go way beyond being best friends. They're our soulmates. Dogs are placed on earth to lighten your life and fill this world with love. Your dog will stay with you through life, your special bond will be returned by your furry friend.

From one family to another, Togo products are here to support your gorgeous pooch no matter the occasion.