Even the most knowledgeable and devoted dog owners usually begin to dread the offensive wet dog odour, which usually fills the air after baths or dips in the pool.

The best way to avoid this smell is by drying your dog quickly and effectively with a good pet towel 

In this article, we’ll focus on good dog towels. Below, you'll find our recommendations for one of the best dog towels on the market, as well as some of the things you’ll want to seek a good pet towel.

Is a Dog Towel Really Important?

Most dogs even those who fancy a bath time or swimming freak out when they are wet. Many dogs will go straight from the bathtub to the nearest piece of fabric or carpet they can find, where they’ll begin rubbing frantically their body all over it.

So, no; a towel is not a necessary item for your dog. But if you prefer not to use one, you’ll presumably want to check out some reviews about new bedsheets and couch covers, as your beloved pooch is sure to use these items as a replacement to a towel.

He does not care what he rubs his hairy body on he just wants it to be dry!

But apart from guarding your linens and whatnot, there are numerous reasons to give your dog his towel. For instance:

It’s seemingly a bad approach to share a towel with your dog. Unless you wash your dog’s towel after each bath, it’ll most probably develop a little bit of a permanent dog odour over time, which could jeopardise your ordinarily fresh-as-a-daisy smell. You don’t want your colleagues or heaven forbid, your hot date thinking you smell like a kennel. Having a wet dog smell all over your house just isn’t very pleasant.


  • These dog towels cost about the same as a human bath towel does. Because you don’t want to share a towel with your pooch, you will have to give him his own dedicated towel. But even a cost-effective towel from the local store will cost about the same thing as a pet towel, and towels manufactured specifically for your pet’s fur will work better and last longer than a towel made for people will.

  • Towels made precisely for pets work extremely well as compared to normal towels. Most towels designed for dogs or other furry pets emphasise special materials that will help dry away from the moisture more efficiently, and different models highlight hand pockets, which make it easier to grasp the towel while drying off your pooch.

  • Dedicated pet towels help you restrain your dog’s shed hair. But chances are, if you use a regular towel to dry your dog, you’ll just throw it in the basket after you’re done. This is likely to cause your laundry to be covered with a layer of dog hair. Nevertheless, you’ll presumably wash and dry your pet’s dedicated towel independently from the rest of your cloth, which will keep everything hair-free.

  • Pet towels are exceptional for owners and pets who travel a lot. You can also use a dog towel to help wipe down pooch after playing at the local park or dabbling in the puddles during a walk. And as most dog towels fold up quite compactly, you can just pack one in your pet bag or car.

  • High-grade pet towels absorb more water as compared to your conventional towels, your dog fur can hold a lot of water which can cause most regular towels to become drenched very quickly. Nonetheless, most microfibre dog towels will absorb many times their weight in water, making it more manageable to dry your pooch.

  • Almost all pet towels dry instantly. Even though they will retain more water than most terry cloth towels will, high-quality pet towels are usually easy to twist out. They may not be entirely dry after doing so, but they’ll usually be dry enough to store easily without wetting your dog’s pet bag.


Everything You Want in a Dog Towel

It is crucial to recognise the things you’ll want in a dog towel before you choose one for your pup. So, look for the following characteristics when making your choice. You may not need a towel that presents all of the features listed below, but you’ll want to select one that provides most of them.

Absorptive Materials

If you’ve ever used an inferior quality bath towel yourself, you know that some are more absorbent than others.

Most dog towels are manufactured from microfibre, which is an extremely absorbent, soft, and comfortable fabric. Nevertheless, there are different grades of microfibre, and it pays to seek those made from the highest- quality versions of the material, such as 400 to 500 gsm.

Quick-Drying Design

Your dog’s fur can hold a lot of water, which will instantly end up in his towel. This water can cause towels to develop a rather stinky smell, so you’ll want to look for a towel that dries instantly.

Quick-drying towels are also handier to use away from the home; you don’t want to toss a dripping wet towel in the back seat of your car.

Non-Hair Catching Design

Some towels are produced from super-densely woven fibres, which will not catch shed hair like regular towels will.

This will not only make it more manageable to keep the towel clean and ready for use, but it will also help prevent hair from covering the inside of your washing machine.


Machine-Washable Design

It is necessary to wash your dog’s towel regularly to prevent odours from developing. Most new dog towels can be washed on a gentle cycle but just be sure to use the correct type of soap and follow the care tips listed below. Only a few can be machine-dried. If the towel cannot be dried in your dryer, you’ll need to hang it up and air dry it.

Tips to Take Care of Your Dog Towel

As most dog towels are manufactured from microfibre, you’ll need to use caution when washing, drying and storing them. Just use the following procedure after drying your pet:

  • Shake the towel firmly to remove as much shed hair as is possible. It’s always a good approach to do so outside, if possible; but just do it inside your bath or shower if you can’t easily take it outside.

  • Twist the towel out to eliminate as much water as possible. To achieve this, twist the towel up and squeeze it as hard as you can, then unroll it, re-roll it in the opposite direction, and twist it out again. Do this as multiple times as necessary to remove most of the water.

  • Wash the towel on a gentle cycle with mild laundry detergent. Don’t wash these types of towels on a strong cycle and avoid using harsh soap it will damage the microfibre material.

  • Remove the towel from the washing machine and extract out the excess moisture. Doing so will help reduce the amount of time you have to keep it in the dryer, which will prolong the life of the towel.

  • Place the towel in the dryer. Use the setting suggested by the manufacturer.
    Avoid using fabric soft
    eners while doing so, as they’ll damage the microfibre. If you cannot machine dry the towel, hang it up in a dry, warm spot to air dry.

  • Roll up the towel and store it in a clean, dry place. Ideally, you’ll want to store the towel in a closet or drawer, but you can place it in a bag if you like to take the towel with you to the park or local pond.

    Now to answer the most important question.
    Have you found a towel that works particularly well for your dog? We’d love to hear about your experiences. Let us know how it has worked and whether or not you’d buy it again. Below you will find one of our top towel picks for your pooch.


Our Recommendation: The all in one togo pets’ Dog Towel Robe

Although any of the premium quality dog towels available at your local pet stores should work well for drying your dog, our all-in-one Dog Towel is clearly the best of the bunch. In addition to serving as a very high-quality towel, you can use this product like a doggie-robe, making it a great value for money and your pet looks ridiculously cute.

You will pay a good bit more for the togo pets’ Dog Towel than you will others, but because it will help contain the post-bath mess and keep your dog warm while he dries. It is unquestionably the best choice of any towel on the market at the moment.

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