Breeding Puppies for Fun!

Ah, the joy of puppies! There is absolutely no mistaking the fact that puppies are just plain fun. They are tiny, adorable, live life with no fear and do the cutest things. The fun part of raising puppies can make anyone smile, and that is why many breeders get into the world of breeding. They get caught up in the fun aspect of breeding a dog which often includes playing with the puppies. There is plenty of work involved, but for breeders who do it for the fun of it, the amount of work involved is worthwhile. This article will provide some basic information for potential breeders who want to start breeding puppies for fun. 

First and foremost, breeding puppies will be a great deal of fun. From the joy of seeing their sleepy little faces when they are first born to the overwhelming happiness you will experience while seeing them play together on their last days before going to their new homes, it is definitely a lot of fun to breed puppies.

Assuming you are considering breeding puppies for fun, we will take a look at some of the fun moments you will definitely experience whilst breeding. Who can resist the urge of puppy playtime? Litter size can vary, but regardless of the size of the litter, you will likely have hours of fun just watching these little guys play together. Their games of chase and wrestling are not only adorable and fun to watch, but they are actually a really important part of the socialisation process.

During these games, the puppies play together; they learn a great deal about important topics such as pack order and bite inhibition. These skills puppies learn early on through interactions with their littermates will help them to become a more socialised adult dogs that know how to interact with other dogs. For many breeders, the fun begins to wane as puppies become more active, and often destructive, and it may be tempting to send the dogs to their new owners, but it is important to not give in to this temptation.

Keeping the puppies together until they are at least seven weeks old will give them ample time to learn how to interact with other dogs. They will still need additional interaction in their new homes. Still, these formative weeks will really help the puppies to start on the right foot.

Another fun aspect of breeding puppies is experiencing the rewards of finding the right home for each of your puppies. A truly responsible breeder makes placing puppies in the right home a top priority. Potential buyers must be carefully screened before placed on a list to purchase one of your puppies. You should carefully consider the needs of the particular breed you are producing when selecting a home. For example, some very active breeds such as Border Collies and Australian Shepherds require a great deal of physical and mental stimulation to be truly happy. 

These dogs are best placed in homes where the owners have a great deal of time to spend giving the dogs this physical and mental stimulation. This is important because, without this mental and physical stimulation, the dogs may create their own fun and their own jobs. However, when a dog such as a Border Collie takes on the responsibility of creating his own job, it will most likely not be considered ideal behaviour by the owner. For example, an under-stimulated Border Collie may decide that digging holes in the backyard or shredding couch pillows are his job. These types of destructive behaviours often lead owners to return the puppy to the breeder or surrender him to a shelter.

Finally, it is important to mention breeding puppies can be fun, but it is also a lot of work. From providing the mother with proper pr-natal care to cleaning, feeding and caring for the puppies until they go to their new homes, there is a great deal of work involved. Potential breeders who go into breeding for the fun of it but realise it is also a great deal of work are likely to be more successful than potential breeders who underestimate the amount of work involved.